Just random dreams I have. I'm supposed to jot them down in my bullet journal but I'm notoriously bad at that.
  1. I bought a huge beautiful house and my whole family lived there with me, but everybody picked a nice room and I couldn't find a nice bedroom that I liked.
    A few months in, I discovered the perfect bedroom that I hadn't even realised was in the house, and moved my stuff there, and I was happy.
  2. DISTURBING: some guy got super angry and decapitated his wife in a fit of rage. I even remember her name. (Connie. IRL I don't know a Connie.)
    My dad was visiting them when it happened and he called me to pick him up. When I got there the guy was casually carrying around the decapitated head by her hair. 🤢
  3. It was my sister's wedding, and we were all late. The wedding was starting in half an hour and nobody's makeup had been done, not even my sister's. Then I realised my sister had never told her hairdresser and makeup artists that I also wanted them to do my hair and makeup.
    I was so upset but I also didn't want to fight with her on her wedding day. My mom told me I didn't get to be upset with her because I hadn't fulfilled any of my obligations as maid of honour.
  4. I was planning a spur of the moment trip to NYC and made a list titled "NYC WHERE MY PEEPS AT" and it was super exciting to plan all the fun stuff I was going to do there!
  5. There was a fire and we were all going to the mountain to fight it. There was something distinctly tragic and dark about the dream. Like that we had tried to save people and could not. I was so tired and breathless and covered in soot and ash. At the same time there was a sense that the fires were an act of war. 👩🏻‍🚒
    Side notes: 1. When I was in high school I sometimes helped to put out fires on my then-boyfriend's family farm. 2. There was a spate of devastating fires in South Africa recently where many died and many lost everything.
  6. The city's water was poisoned and I added chlorine to our fish's water in an attempt to save them, but they died anyway.
    We don't even have fish 🤷🏼‍♀️
  7. I had this gorgeous ring made of glass that I wore on my middle finger. It looked like a dragon fly. In my dream, I had many friends who thought it was hilarious when I flipped them off with said ring. It was a very trippy dream.