I can't help giggling sometimes. South African healthcare workers are such a diverse bunch.
  1. This orthopod grew tired of having to describe buddy-strapping in words.
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  2. Anne of Green Gables?!?!? Is that you??
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  3. This intern was really freaked out by seeing tapeworms coming from stabbed and eviscerated bowel.
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  4. This artistic rendition.
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  5. It's not nice to make fun, but I did giggle a bit at this rendition of "miscarriage". To be fair, the majority of South African HCWs don't speak English as their mother tongue (myself included).
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  6. This one isn't funny: the result of resource constraints. (Ø is used for surgery.)
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  7. This intern on casualty service just needed to point out that ordering prostate-specific antigen on a female was unnecessary.
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  8. This orthopod was just fed-up with their patient constantly wearing his Philadelphia-collar incorrectly.
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