Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. 27 April 1994: I was four years old and South Africa had her first free and fair democratic election after the abolishment of Apartheid.
  2. Nelson Mandela became president.
  3. Everyone was happy.
    (Everyone I knew, at least.)
  4. I had no idea why, or who he was, but I watched the news with my parents every night and shouted NELSON MANDELA! every time a male figure came on screen.
  5. My parents have a tape recording of me talking about Nelson Mandela. I didn't even know what a president was, and it's pretty evident I had no idea what race was.
  6. I made up an elaborate story about why he was a hero.
  7. It was way off but I had the major point: he stopped bad people from hurting vulnerable people.
  8. It would be at least another three years before I understood the magnificence of that time.
  9. I never met him, but I do miss him.