1. One week from today, I will finish work at my current hospital. I've been allocated two days of relocation leave, so then I'll make the big move to Cape Town.
  2. I'm practically done with two years of internship.
    I have done c-section, appendectomies, and skin grafts. I've treated stab and gunshot wounds. I've worked 30 hour shifts. I've worked 36 hour shifts. I've cried. And I've learned so, so much.
  3. Starting 1 January, I'll no longer be registered as a medical intern... I'll now be a medical practitioner.
  4. That feels like a huge jump. I totally do not feel ready at all for that kind of responsibility.
  5. I'll be living in my own place for the first time.
  6. I'll be living with a boyfriend for the first time.
  7. I'm registering for a diploma in child health, which will hopefully help me to ultimately get into paediatric residency.
  8. It all just seems so big.
  9. And I feel so very little.