I love finding something nice for people ❤
  1. Burger stuffer for my sister's fiancé 🍔
  2. Pizza stone for my dad - the men in our family like making food over fires 🍕 🔥
  3. Tea box and tea strainer for my little brother, who is heading to university for the first time.
    Not pictured: fresh loose tea.
  4. Twinkle lights for my aunt
  5. Photo frame for my mum, with a pic of boyfriend and me.
    I totally thought it was conceited but my mom ASKED for it. The house is full of photos of my sister and her fiancé, but until now, none of us 🙈
  6. Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven for my sister. The running tradition is that I'm the only person who can find her a book she enjoys, so I give her a book every special occasion.
  7. Also for my sister: a glue gun
    Strange, yes. But she's starting work as an Occupational Therapist, and every Ot worth her broth has a glue gun.
  8. For my boyfriend: asics running shoes. We've been running together and he only had trail running shoes before, which hurts on the road.
    I don't like the colour scheme. He chose it.
  9. For my gran: the latest book by her favourite author.