1. 1st: I was at home (family home) on this day. My mom cooked delicious home-food and my aunt joined us for dinner.
    I wish I took more pictures, like my sister.
  2. 2nd: my mom took the day off, so I took my parents out for brunch. It was really nice to spoil them. We went to the little farm-style place called Lavender Blue.
  3. More 2nd: my mom made me have tea with our old neighbour and take her gifts. I was annoyed but the way her face lit up when we visited actually made me appreciate life so much. And it wasn't entirely awful either.
  4. Also 2nd: joined my aunt on a slow run because she wouldn't stop nagging. It was the first time I ran since 15 April and I'm so glad she made me go! We also spent good time bonding. Almost good enough that I could talk to her about my boyfriend issues and my sexuality (she's queer), but in the end I decided to leave well enough alone.
  5. Still 2nd: WE WATCHED FREAKING WONDER WOMAN!!!!! 💪🏼💪🏽
    Watched with my sister. Loved it! (I've since read some very valid criticism on the movie. But it did make me happy at the time.)
  6. 3rd: still home. had one of these delicious Roco Mama's Freakshakes with my best friend in East London. We had good chats.
    Practically rolled out of that joint. Freakshakes are not for the faint-hearted 🤤
  7. 4th: we gave these tulips as a gift to a friend before they bloomed; she sent us this picture to show them flowering. 🌷
  8. 6th: post-call cuddles with kitty.
  9. 7th: survived one massive storm. Does that count?
  10. 11th: took my brother, his girlfriend, and my boyfriend out to De Villiers' Chocolate Cafe for a delicious fondue.
  11. 12th: got five hours sleep on call. Pretty unheard of.
  12. 13th: met up for brunch with this 75-year old Harvard paediatrics professor who's known me since childhood and still believes I'm the brightest person around. He has so much faith in me and always inspires me when we visit. Also he doesn't treat me like a child. We sat in front of this fireplace and had really meaningful talks.
  13. Also 13th: hung out with two good friends at a laid-back jazz bar and got a little bit tipsy before therapy.
  14. 14th: started reading Collective Amnesia by Koleka Putuma and my world broke open a bit.
  15. Also 14th: got news that my wonderful gran's tumour shrunk by 11% 👏🏼❤️
  16. 16th: went to a freaking huge book sale (with above-mentioned friends) and it was AMAZEBALLS.
  17. 17th: had a really good time shopping with boyfriend.
    This was shortly followed by our huge blowout argument which lead to me revealing my doubts about the relationship. I am trying to learn to appreciate moments of happiness even when they were followed by moments of unhappiness.
  18. 18th: my friends fetched me to occupy me for the day. We went to the Waterfront, enjoyed good food and music, then went back to the massive book-sale from the 16th; where I proceeded to buy a box full of books at about $1/book. We completed the day with me treating them to ice cream at my favourite creamery.
    We also walked one friend's dogs at the Company Gardens and saw this fascinating albino squirrel.
  19. 19th: a child was bit by a spider and came to my ER. I did not die. Neither did the child (I correctly identified it as a brown widow spider).
  20. 22nd: went to Mondiall Restaurant with my friends for a fun girls' night out.
    I thought I looked pretty hawt that night but I couldn't quite get a nice selfie. Next apartment needs better lighting. 🙆🏼
  21. 24th: went to the beauty salon to wax my legs. I'm all for letting it grow sometimes, but it was itching when I wore jeans and also I'm a bit of a masochist and ALSO the therapists at this salon are really nice and I always feel like I've had a psychotherapy session afterwards.
  22. Also 24th: watched Everything, Everything with a friend from uni (she's now fourth year med). It was nice and relaxed. We also went book-browsing afterwards.
    She asked a lot of questions about life as a doc and it was nice to feel knowledgeable and adult 🤣
  23. 26th: Admitted to the clinic. Met some interesting people. It was ultimately a good thing.
  24. 27th: met and connected with someone with whom I will be keeping in contact, once she too gets discharged. She's nice, and I think it will be good to be friends (irl) with someone who understands.
  25. Also 27th: met a queer girl at the clinic who sussed me out immediately. We had an interesting conversation.
  26. 28th: Museum Night! Including underwater photography and a string quartet. This was a lovely evening.
  27. 29th: cooked for myself. The final product was reasonable, though not as pretty as this picture.
  28. Also 29th: went kickboxing. My muscles are aching. 🤕
  29. 30th: did some mindfulness while enjoying a rainy day.