Her new nickname is hop-along, and she totally embraces it. ❤️😎🐶
  1. Say hallo to Roxy.
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    Yes, she was named after the surfing brand. I was 13, forgive me.
  2. Roxy was meant to be my dog.
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    And she was, for five years, until I left for university and she decided the long-distance relationship involved too few treats and cuddles. So she bonded with my dad, and since then they have been inseparable.
  3. If you know Yorkshire terriers, you know that their spirits are too big for their tiny bodies.
    They growl at anything, and will try to intimidate the biggest dogs. They were bred to hunt rats during the Industrial Revolution and you better bet those rats were huge.
  4. She is twelve years old now, but she still think she's a spring chicken.
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    She has a crap tonne of energy and a whole lot of bark. She even keeps up with the trends!
  5. Round about this time last year, Roxy was standing in our yard barking loudly at anybody who walked too closely.
    I should reiterate: she was INSIDE our fence.
  6. Someone was walking their big massive dog without a leash.
    What are rules? Can you eat them?
  7. Somehow, the dog managed to grab Roxy's right front leg through the fence. And pulled.
    We're still not really sure how that happened.
  8. Roxy cried, and we came running.
    She wasn't mauled, so that was a relief.
  9. At the veterinarian, we were told that her ulna and radius were both shattered.
    Oh good. I understand these terms.
  10. They recommended amputation.
    I was a medical student at the time. I had seen amputations and worse.
  11. But my dad was very emotional.
    "I can't just let them cut off my dog's leg!" he said. It probably didn't help that the vet's bedside manner was atrocious. It gave the impression that they just wanted to amputate and get us out of there.
  12. So the decision was made to attempt conservative treatment.
    Roxy needed immobilization and IV antibiotocs.
  13. So she needed to be admitted.
    For a long time.
  14. They operated twice.
    Do you know how tiny the pins are that they use to ORIF a 3kg dog's leg?!
  15. And my dad visited a LOT.
  16. But eventually the paw turned necrotic and we had to amputate.
    I had expected that, but I also understand that humans want to feel that they have tried their hardest.
  17. Finally Roxy could return home.
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  18. And she recovered so quickly!
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  19. My dad is blind. Our golden retriever is stone deaf. And Roxy is missing a leg.
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    And they make a fantastic team. ❤️