1. The City of Cape Town is currently bracing for a big storm. High velocity winds and up to 60foot swells predicted in some areas, with 80mm of rain.
  2. (We're in the middle of a severe drought so we're actually a little excited.)
  3. Everyone keeps saying "BE PREPARED!"
    But nobody says how. Except for my smart-ass friend 1000km away. 😒
  4. What does that even mean?
  5. I've recently moved to Cape Town and I've never experienced a huge storm.
    I mean it's not going to be a HURRICANE or anything. So everyone's probably overreacting right.
  6. But like all schools are cancelled for tomorrow, and all non-essential services are suspended.
    Which means I'll be going to work tomorrow. Everyone's bracing for the possibility of lots of MVAs.
  7. So in the interest of my continued survival, all those who have experienced storms: WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE PREPARED???
    (The Western Cape is that orange bit. Cape Town is at the southernmost tip-ish.
  8. limited experience in blizzards/tornados:
    buy some food that doesn't need refrigeration, batteries, put flashlights in easy to reach places, close your windows and move anything fragile away from the windows, keep some food and first aid stuff, as well as a blanket, in your car and drive carefully
    Suggested by @ellenh
  9. Booze?
    Suggested by @kate81
  10. When power goes out, it can be out for a week because they want to fix all the high voltage lines before re-energizing, so.......... batteries, generators, led lanterns, gas cans. Also you might not have ANY internet while this is all going on, so download what you can. DVD box sets got me through Super Storm Sandy for 8 days.
    Suggested by @PassiveAggressor
  11. Be prepared for everything to be closed. Have a full tank of gas, a fully charged phone and laptop. Make sure you have food for several days that requires no power to enjoy (this is when I live off potato chips). Have booze, for fun. Bring outdoor pets inside. Park cars in garage.
    The stores are always out of bottled water and eggs whenever it's going to ice here. That's really the only time we hunker down in Texas. Not sure why so many people need eggs.
    Suggested by @Boogie
  12. Update: it is a big storm! A lot of property damaged. Our place is just missing some roof tiles. Some injuries. Many people in informal settlements have been flooded 🙁 but the city's disaster management seems to be doing the thing and lots of civilians helping too.
    We haven't seen too much of an influx in trauma yet, possibly because more than half of the city stayed home and off the roads.
  13. As for me: I got to work safely this morning, then managed to work for all of three hours until I was FLOORED by a horrible gastroenteritis. Drove home doubled over, spent the entire day either ridding my body of fluid or passed out in bed.
    So I actually missed most of the action. And although I love spending a rainy day in bed, being sick wasn't quite the same. At least I have a warm bed and a shelter. 🙏🏼
  14. From living in a coastal state I've heard:
    Fill your bathtub with water you can use to flush your toilet. Gather water in big jugs for cooking, hand washing, etc. Stock up on nonperishable food, batteries, books and other non-electronic entertainment. If you have a fireplace or grill, be ready to use it for cooking or just to get warm. Good luck!
    Suggested by @jhope71