1. I didn't think I would have the chance again soon because I'm on general hospital medicine at the moment and next year I'm working in a children's hospital.
  2. But two of my patients found out they were pregnant today.
  3. They both have some pretty big medical issues.
  4. They both have psychiatric diagnoses on top of that.
  5. They both have significant financial stressors.
  6. And they both wanted to terminate.
  7. And I counselled them.
  8. And did everything I needed when I was in their situation.
  9. And I hope it will help.
  10. I do feel a little triggered.
  11. Over the past few weeks I had managed to avoid thinking about my abortion.
  12. I still have a lot to process I guess.
  13. But I'm actually okay.
  14. Maybe counselling them actually helped me.