1. I was working late
    Not by choice, mind you. But we started a bilateral mastectomy at 15:15 so there was no way we would finish on time.
  2. I didn't feel like being stuck in traffic
    The traffic into my little suburb is insane. So I considered going to the mall instead but I thought, hey, if I leave now, MAYBE I'll be home in time to get in a run.
  3. So I took a detour
    It's a detour that many people have suggested in the past. And Boyfriend suggested it when I called him. It's a bit longer but much quicker.
  4. Notice how no good story starts with "so I took a detour"?
  5. My gut didn't like it
    When I drove past my usual turnoff, my gut screamed a little. "Man up, Gut," I thought. "You have to get used to getting out of your comfort zone."
  6. People were not driving very well on this road
    If I had paid attention the past NINETEEN YEARS that we have lived in the area, I'd remember that it's not a very safe road. (It's a highway, not some little alley, by the way.)
  7. Many were driving in the yellow lane
    ... While they were waiting for a gap to make an illegal u-turn. The lanes were separated by double barrier lines.
  8. I felt pretty proud of myself for noticing it
    I reacted by reducing my speed to 80km/h (the limit was 120km/h) and watching carefully for any chancers. I actually managed to avoid a few scrapes by slowing down in time.
  9. Buuuut then there was this one guy
    I noticed him and I wasn't worried. His wheels weren't turned, his indicators weren't flashing, there was nothing to indicate that he was planning a u-turn. I figured he had pulled over to take a phone call.
  10. And then he took off
    I was SO CLOSE to him when he accelerated into a u-turn. I slammed on my brakes but it was clear that we would collide. I swerved out a little but there was a divot in the road and I didn't want to roll the car.
  11. I managed to avoid something major
    He took off my side mirror and seriously screwed up my driver's door, but at least I avoided a head-on impact.
  12. And I was so angry
    At least the other driver had the decency to pull over. He seemed remorseful and handed over all his details. I kept shouting at him, "your indicators weren't even on! And you're not supposed to make u-turns here!" He kept saying, "I know, I know, I'm sorry."
  13. The rest is a bit of a blur
    The other driver's supervisor came by because it was a company car. Some kind man pulled over to check if I'm okay. Then Boyfriend and Aunt came to fetch me, and we went to the police station to open a case.
  14. My car is new
    I got her in February and have fewer than 10,000km on the clock. And she wasn't a gift from anyone. I'm paying for her with hard-earned money every month.
  15. That guy's insurance better pay
    I refuse to pay for damaged that were entirely his fault. And my insurance has a big excess because I'm a young driver.
  16. I am sad
  17. And I am angry
  18. And I want to eat my weight in chocolate
  19. And I'm also a little shaken
  20. Because... I've been treating MVAs for the past two months.
  21. And I know: it could have been so much worse.
  22. But damnit
    That man's defiance of road rules resulted in stuffing up something I had worked SO HARD FOR. And now my car loses value, and my insurance status worsens. So most of all I'm still really upset.
  23. I've been playing the blame game
    If only we hadn't worked late. If only Boyfriend hadn't suggested the detour. But ultimately I guess I shouldn't have taken a route I wasn't comfortable with at rush hour.
  24. And... I'm safe.