I'm presenting to loads of doctors who are more senior than me.
  1. I really love social media.
    And like I realise that it's not for everyone. And that a lot of "older" people don't care much for it. But some do!
  2. I want doctors to see the value of social media in their profession.
  3. As a way of improving patient education
  4. And general public health.
  5. As a way to spread knowledge to colleagues and to share experiences
    #FOAMed - free open access medical education
  6. And also as an avenue for mentorship.
    Most of my medical mentors have been online.
  7. I think a lot of discussion on med and social media has been very shallow.
  8. Example: "one con of SM is that it blurs the patient-physician boundary."
    But no discussion on whether that boundary is valid.
  9. Or "don't confuse SM with real life"
    When really, SM IS becoming more part of real life
  10. I don't want to presume to "teach" my audience anything cos I'm a baby doctor and they're all super experienced, but I just want to offer new views.
  11. I also don't want to talk too widely. SM is huuuuge! I want to be focussed and relevant.
    Can only talk for 15min anyway.
  12. So uhm.
  13. If you're good at talking to people and presenting things...
  14. Please advise me!!!