1. I don't give the concept of a "calling" much credit. In many ways I think it addles our life choices and contributes to a lot of chronic satisfaction.
    (I could probably write a thesis on that.)
  2. But I worked on the paediatric service for four months and I loved it.
    I had done paediatrics in med school, obviously, but med school experience is often vastly different than IRL.
  3. For four months, I never dreaded going to work.
    Sure, I woke up some mornings not wanting to get out of my warm bed, or wishing I could do something else; but all the same: the thought of seeing my little patients had me out of bed and excited for the day.
  4. Paediatric medicine is full of hope. Children are full of potential, not just for themselves but for their families future and present.
  5. I recognise how unfair it is that we spend a larger portions on child health than adult health. After all, adults look after children.
  6. But saving a child's life and knowing they have another good 80 years ahead of them (barring tragedy) is so gratifying.
  7. And knowing a parent does not have to experience the loss of a child is gratifying.
  8. In child health, you really don't just treat the child. You treat the child's family and its environment.
    So really, you treat the world.
  9. Children are less likely to embrace the sick role.
  10. Their recoveries are often rapid and remarkable.
  11. Except when they're not. Paediatric deaths are hard.
  12. But paediatrics is also high-intensity and mentally stimulating.
  13. I found myself reading up about paediatric cases for fun, not just when I was preparing for a presentation.
  14. Also, I'm generally taller than kids. That helps.
  15. I'm on adult hospital medicine for the next four months, and I miss paediatrics so much.
  16. After that, who knows? Hopefully I'll be working with kids again.