1. Since the breakup I've been feeling really uneasy about my ex.
  2. He was commenting on all my social media so I blocked him.
    Nothing overt... just things like "having fun without me" and so on.
  3. He's been propositioning me for sex almost daily. Only on whatsapp because I won't see him in person.
  4. It varies from "I'll show you I can have unemotional sex" to "you can just use me for sex, at least then you know it's someone you can trust."
  5. A few time even, "if it's because you want to explore having sex with women we could just have a threesome."
  6. I really think I've been quite clear about not wanting to have ANY kind of sex with him.
  7. His most common response is "I can't understand it."
    Because our last time (in April!) was good. Truly.
  8. But it feels like him "just not understanding" has been a trend in our relationship.
  9. Him persuading or coercing me into sex has been a trend too.
  10. Me giving in to spare his feelings has been a trend.
  11. Today he messaged me about one of my Instagram posts. But I blocked him?! So I found out he was just viewing it without logging in.
    (Which he denied.)
  12. So then I made my profile private.
    Not five minutes later I received a request from some obviously brand new account, with one pic that I recognise from outside his sister's house.
  13. I mean really??
  14. It's just a little off.
  15. And I've been locking my doors with the inside bolt at night because suddenly I wonder if he made copies of his keys before handing it back.
  16. I don't for a second think that he would ever harm me physically, but clearly I feel a little threatened.
  17. The more he does this kind of thing, the more I am relieved about ending the relationship.
  18. He left me a note.
  19. Yesterday was such a bad day. While on ward round I started getting all of these texts with verification codes for my various social media accounts, email, and even banking. I have two-step authorisation on all my log-ins. He was trying to log into my accounts. To do what with? I don't even want to know.
    When I called him out on it he got so angry... Spent the day sorting that out. And changing my armed response codes and everything. I stayed at work but I was pretty useless there. My colleagues were AMAZING though. So supportive. Thankfully, I haven't heard from him today.
  20. He sent me flowers to work on Friday.
    Everything about it was off... even the note, which illustrated exactly how poorly he understands me after all this time.
  21. I actually feel terrible for not just saying thanks.
  22. Text was the last avenue he could reach me. So that's all blocked now. If it's important, he can reach me via my family.