1. Psychiatrist-friend found this little one in the rain at work. 😻
  2. She knows I'm thinking of getting a kitten when I move to Cape Town, and asked me if I might be ready to start now. 😻
  3. But I was on call. And kitten is about 3 weeks old and needed some TLC overnight.
  4. So she took her to the SPCA for said TLC.
  5. I went to visit her (the kitten) today. She's so tiny! But she purred in my hand! (She still fits in one hand. I have small hands.)
  6. I want her.
  7. I don't know if I'm ready to be a cat-parent though? I've only ever had pets supervised by my parents.
  8. And veterinary bills are so high!
    At least the SPCA will sterilise and vaccinate her before she comes to me.
  9. And I'll be out of town for a week in December and what if she's ready for homing before then?
  10. And most importantly: at the end of December I'm moving 1000km away. Will kitten be okay for the road-trip? Will she cope with two new homes in the span of a month?
  11. I really want this kitten.
  12. I don't know why - I mean I haven't bonded with her or anything. Theoretically I guess I could just get one IN Cape Town?
  13. And I worry that if I decide to get her, I might be doing it purely for selfish reasons.
  14. But I want Kitten. 😿