1. So I only thought about this now, so you've missed a few things:
  2. Walk-through with the estate agent. She's lovely. The ceiling fan in the master bedroom is not working. She promised to get an electrician in.
  3. Called an armed response company to evaluate the place. They're installing the radio tomorrow.
  4. Moving day: the movers got lost on the way! 🙈 waited two hours for them.
  5. Everything was going fine til we realised they can't get the base of our queen bed up the stairs. No matter how we tried to contort ourselves.
    Now we are waiting for my handy-man uncle to come withe all his tools. We're basically going to take the bed apart.
  6. We went for a walk to a local grocery store while waiting for my uncle. Found a place that sells prego steak rolls. Came home to sit on the sunny porch and eat. The rolls weren't particularly delicious but we were hungry.
  7. We're unpacking boxes while we wait. This is a lot of fucking work.
  8. We're busy trying to take a bed apart...
    We literally sawed it up and then put it back together with hinges. It ended up taking my dad, uncle, brother, boyfriend, aunt, and mom. I owe them all big time.
  10. Everyone has left and we're trying to create some order before finding food and going to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.
  11. Here's a minor inconvenience: our fridge doesn't fit in the fridge space.
    It's a tiny place, okay. 🙈
  12. Earlier I got us all watermelon as a snack while working our butts off. It's summer here, obviously, so it was awesome.
  13. I just bought lots of gardening equipment. I hope my fingers are green.
  14. Looking at sleeper couches and beds and why are these things so expensive?! 🙈
  15. Found curtains on sale which I bought. I don't really like it but I'm beginning to think there's no such thing as a curtain I'd like.
  16. Spent our first night in the new apartment. It's wonderfully quiet. Boyfriend had a night-terror and broke the quiet though. 😂
  17. Time to unpack my books 😍🤓
  18. If you were wondering, my vacation ended and I'm back in my hometown. I'll be driving to Cape Town next week, and then move in some more.
  19. We arrived back yesterday (see LIVE LISTING MY ROADTRIP TO CAPE TOWN) and settling in is HARD. We have way more STUFF than I thought - and I thought I was pretty minimalist.
  20. Isn't this sleeper couch pretty?? So of any of you want to visit Cape Town, I have space!
    (I also got a new guest bed but it's not covered yet so this pic is all you're getting.)
  21. My boyfriend insists on keeping shit he hasn't used in the 7 years I've known him. 😒
  22. Taking a break from all the unpacking to have a NYE braai (like a bbq) with the MIL. Using our kitchen for the first time! 🤤