In about an hour, I will start driving 1000km to Cape Town for my new job. I've never driven more than 100km in a go so this will be interesting. I'll be driving behind my boyfriend so hopefully that helps.
  1. Awake. Tired. Still need to pack my crap into my car.
  2. It's going to be a cry fest when I say goodbye to my family. I don't know if I'll cry (I hope not) but I hate seeing them sad.
  3. Filling up the tank and checking the tyre pressure, then I'm off.
    The goodbye was tearful. I didn't cry - hopefully they understand it's because I just don't cry much anymore, and not because I won't miss them!
  4. Made it to the little town of Port Alfred. I've only driven 150km 😭
  5. Moana is an excellent soundtrack for this new adventure! 😎
  6. And this audiobook is helping to keep me awake too. It's a little scary.
  7. Madonna keeping me going now.
    Fond memories of NYC.
  8. I'm getting drowsy. Stopping at a rest stop. Hope they have coffee.
  9. Can barely keep my eyes open. About to take a nap on the diner table.
  10. Overnighting by boyfriend's dad's place. 800km mark. 400km tomorrow.
    (Yeah I was wrong. It's 1200km)
  11. 8AM. Need coffee. Quite not in the mood for driving, but let's do this.
  12. And we're go. 🚙
  13. Finished my audiobook! Time for some more Moana. Unless anyone has other music suggestions for the open road... @plaidflannel?
  14. Arrived safely 😴
    This was probably my most boring list ever. But thanks for coming along for the ride. 👋🏼