1. "The paediatrician says my university-aged son has chickenpox, do you agree?" (One week after graduation)
    Actually I felt the kid had bed bug bites - and I was right. Then again, if you take your 18-year-old to a paediatrician, don't be surprised when they get diagnosed with a childhood illness. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  2. "My hand hurts, is it broken?" (Mid-internship)
    This from my sister's future brother-in-law who punched a wall. I was so certain it was not broken. But then it was 🙅🏼 to be fair, I DID tell him to get an xray to be sure... this is why we shouldn't give friends medical advice.
  3. "I think I have TB." (The other day)
    From my sister, an occupational therapist, after one of her patients was diagnosed with TB. She was really overreacting but I gave her a good game plan (test sputum, then take it from there) which she summarily ignored and went for a million expensive tests which were negative as I knew they would be. Sigh. This is also why we shouldn't give family medical advice.
  4. "Can I take two aspirin for me headache?"
    My sister, regularly at 3AM, ever since my first year and to this day still. 😂