Inspired by @Lisa_Fav
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    What are we doing here?
    Broadening everyone's horizons, duh. 😘
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    Why did you join?
    Read a blog post about it on BookRiot. The selling point was basically that making lists is an integral part of being a reader (and/or writer), and because I agreed I had a look.
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    Why did you stay?
    So far the least judgmental social network I belong to. Great community. I didn't intend for to become so integral to my mental health but well, here we are.
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    How do you feel about prime time? How bored are you when it's time for the US to sleep?
    Well I'm usually working when the US is sleeping so it's not too bad, except on weekends. But even then, I think I follow a lot of internationals to keep me fairly occupied.
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    If you don't come from an English speaking country, do you miss writing in your native language?
    We have 11 official languages and one of them is English. English is not my mother tongue but I've been speaking it since the age of 3. And I actually prefer writing in English. (Shhh. Don't tell anyone.)
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    Do you feel that America is too America-centric?
    Yeeeeah pretty much. But it's such a huge country, you can hardly blame them. But kudos to many people who really put themselves out there to be more aware of the world beyond their borders.
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    Do you feel that is too LA centric?
    Heck if I know. I just read past any geographic lists that are too niche for me to understand.
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    Do you ever have someone make a comment on you having an opinion on America?
    Not on, although I've been fairly apolitical here anyway. I don't like politics and I don't like international political arguing and sometime I just switch off from all of thaaaat.
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    Are we just tourists on
    I've spent my whole life pretty much feeling like a "tourist" in all situations. So feeling that way here isn't anything new to me. Even so, I've had a very warm and homely experience here. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ