In honour of having a period again. And inspired by the other FIRSTS lists.
  1. I was twelve, and kind of the "expert" on all things sex and procreation among my friends.
  2. It wouldn't have been cool to say I knew it all because I READ it all, so I pretended to have a lot more experience than I actually had.
    Reading that back makes me cringe.
  3. I hadn't had my period yet, but my friends didn't need to know that.
  4. I even bought sanitary pads and timed my period to be the same time as my best friend's. The ultimate friendship is one where your periods sync, right. 🙈
    Her period was irregular so it was hard to keep up!
  5. Anyway she was staying with us for the weekend and had her period so I guess I had mine too.
  6. And then at the end of the weekend I actually DID get my period.
  7. I must be one of the few who didn't welcome their period with stained undies. Simply because I was already "kitted out". 😂
  8. I didn't have cramps or anything.
  9. And I didn't feel "special". Bummer.
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  10. 🙈😂😊🔴