1. I'm lying in bed and applying night cream and I just realised my nose stud isn't there.
  2. And usually this is cause for alarm because this damn nose piercing closes so quickly.
  3. But I think I'm just going to sleep and if the piercing is still open tomorrow morning, I'll find another jewel.
  4. It feels kind of serendipitous because I've been toying with the idea of taking it out for a while.
  5. I got it at the end of 2011 - my third tear of med school.
  6. And it was a big decision because a lot of people are very against piercings and tattoos in doctors.
  7. I did a lot of research and a lot of introspection before I decided, screw 'em.
  8. I actually never got any flack for it. One or two patients commented - old ladies who exclaimed, "oh! My granddaughter has a piercing like yours!" 👵🏼👵🏾
    They were so sweet.
  9. The most a senior doctor ever said on the matter was, "You have a nose piercing. That's... atypical." (And then he laughed.)
  10. But in many ways, taking it out has been a more difficult decision than getting the piercing in the first place.
  11. Because people might see my removing it as a sign that I admit I was somehow wrong.
  12. Or that I suddenly disagree with nose piercings.
  13. Which is hardly the case.
  14. I'm just... a little tired of it I guess.
  15. And that's allowed, as we grow older. We change our appearance. We change what we like about our appearance.
  16. (Also now that I'm working in a hospital full time, getting a new piercing is a big infection risk. So if I let the piercing close... I don't get another one.)
  17. I just feel like I've spent so much of my life being "different" and contrary and proving people's assumptions and society's constraints wrong. And now all I want is a normal life.
  18. And I may have screwed my chances of having that. Because I've become the young woman with the controversies. And standing out isn't nearly as empowering as I used to find it.
  19. Geez.
  20. I actually don't know where all THAT came from.
  21. Anyway. My nose jewellery is out for the night.
  22. I'll see what tomorrow brings.