1. I guess it's a little weird when your sister who is younger than you (by 4 years and 9 months) is going to get hitched first, but I don't really mind.
    You might recall that I have some issues about getting married. And if I do, I intend to do things my way. So with her being first my parents get all the excitement of planning a big traditional wedding with a bride who's super keen and excited. And also she gets to invite alllllllll the extended family so I won't have to.
  2. So today we went out for milkshakes and she asked me to be her maid of honour! And she wrote me this adorable letter:
    Translated, of course.
  3. "You've been there for me since day one. Literally day one. I slept next to you first with my messy hair and you looked after me"
  4. "You wanted to name me Heart, and that shows how much you loved me, and still do, and I love you!"
    This is true. I wanted to call my sister the Afrikaans word for Little Heart. Four-year-old me thought it would be a fantastic name.
  5. "You taught me to blow my nose and not to put my boogers on the wall."
  6. "You encourage me to read and you're the only one who finds books that I like and actually read (#goals)."
  7. "In Freshman year you visited me and it immediately cheered me up."
  8. "In my second year you were my home away from home and we had wonderful suppers together and I loved that."
  9. "In my third year I cried my eyes out, because my sister wasn't there and I so wished you were, but you were saving lives (once again #goals #totallyunderstandable #bestsisterever.)"
    She just recently discovered the joys of hashtags...
  10. "I really want to make you part of my wedding and... I found my Mister, now I just need my Sister!"
  11. I think it's adorable. She's adorable. My little sister is the cutest!
  12. I just hope I can be what she needs.
  13. I've never felt like I've been the big sister to her that I would have wanted.
  14. And I want her to have the wedding of her dreams despite my own reservations about the institution of marriage.
  15. Anyways - here goes.