1. "Reasons to have a guy best friend."
    This kind of girl-bashing drives me nuts. My best friend is a guy but not because I hate girls (like, LOL, not at all). It just happened that way.
  2. Oh, let's tell girls that their journeys should be the same! That they need a man to validate them! That they need a baby to be considered a woman! Ugh. Prime idea.
  3. Yeah I love running and exceeding my expectations, but things like these is why people get seriously injured. Defying your limits is not about arrogance; it's about training.
  4. It's trite and unimaginative and annoys me.
  5. Overdone sayings that were mind-blowing when I was five years old.
  6. Yeah, more girl-shaming. Because everyone's gotta have the same values yeah? Fuck off with your opinions about how you're better than other people for not needing makeup.
    And also, terrible sentence structure.
  7. Let's assume all people who get divorced didn't try hard enough.
    I'm all for trying to make it work, but there are some things that trying won't fix.
  8. Shaming your own generation because clearly you are one of the only good souls out there.
  9. Ugh. Relationship drama.
  10. 1. I know many men who shop like B and women who shop like A; 2. DON'T TELL ME HOW TO SHOP!!!
    So. Stupid.
  11. Some women this and other women that - stop pitting us against one another 😡