I can't ignore the fact that I'm the one hurting him this time. I'm really not comfortable with being the bad one in this story.
  1. It Takes Two, Katy Perry (2013)
    "I wanted to save you, but I can only save myself."
  2. Sorry For Now, Linkin Park (2017)
    "Sometimes things refuse to go the way we planned."
  3. I Don't Known, Molly Kate Kestner (2017)
    "We could fight we could scream we could shout, but tonight we won't be working this out, so I'll say that I don't know, forget about it."
  4. No Goodbyes, Dua Lipa (2017)
    "Maybe one day I can see you, we can smile and wave and it'll be okay, maybe one day it'll be cool, we can just be friends without the complications that it brings..."
  5. Sorry, Halsey (2017)
    "Someone will love you, but someone isn't me."
  6. Last Words First, Volunteer (2017)
    "One of us empty, one of us free, and both of us know that it's not meant to be, so let it die easy."
  7. The Fall, Imagine Dragons (2015)
    "Maybe I'm breaking up with myself [...] I'm ready for the fall, ready for everything that I believed in to drift away."