My family has always been more liberal than the rest of our community. My parents, although indoctrinated by the Apartheid government in their youth, raised us to be fair and cognisant of the past. And yet...
  1. I have said, "Well, ALL lives matter."
    This was at the very beginning of BLM. Nobody put me straight. I had to realise I was part of the problem on my own. It took a whole.
  2. I have claimed not to "see" colour.
    Meanwhile, erasure is part of the problem.
  3. I have taken pictures with cute little orphans.
    I abhor this practise now.
  4. I appropriated cultures. Many times.
    I'm surprised nobody on Semester at Sea spoke out about it when I was there??
  5. I have been ableist.
    With the best of intentions. Despite growing up with a legally blind father.
  6. I have said well-meaning things like, "Gay people can't help it."
    This was before I became cognisant of my own sexuality (which I still haven't truly defined).
  7. I have said slut-shamed.
    Granted, long ago.
  8. I have denied my white cis privilege.
  9. I have kept quiet when I should have spoken up.
  10. This is hard for me to say because I'm so embarrassed by it.
  11. But my point is...
  12. People can learn.
  13. People DO learn.
  14. And many people who say hurtful things don't do it because they are evil.
    I have always been empathic, and yet I've said and done these things. At least, I don't THINK I've ever been evil.
  15. There are evil people in the world.
  16. And there are good people who just aren't woke.
  17. And I know it's exhausting and tiring and that we often feel hopeless.
  18. But don't give up on people.
  19. I love you.