HOW FEMINISTS AND FUNDAMENTALISTS, HIPPIES AND YUPPIES, AND PHYSICIANS AND POLITICIANS MADE BREASTFEEDING BUG BUSINESS AND BAD POLICY." - reviewed here https://barefootmeds.wordpress.com/2015/11/23/what-if-everything-you-knew-about-breastfeeding-was-wrong/ and truly enjoyed it a lot.
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    "I am not against breastfeeding. I am against LACTIVISM - by which I mean compulsory breastfeeding, breastfeeding as a moral crusade, and breastfeeding as a means of distinguishing good from bad parents."
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    "Like abortion, breastfeeding was an issue that made feminist claims that the personal is political seem immediate and compelling."
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    "The language of "choice", which featured so prominently in the struggle of second-wave feminists and which still animates debates about abortion and other reproductive rights, is conspicuously absent when we discuss infant feeding."
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    "I was also against electric swings, bouncy seats, and walkers: really anything designed to keep babies happy and give parents a break."
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    "Breastfeeding, as it turns out, is never JUST breastfeeding. It's loaded with meaning for pretty much everyone who does it, not to mention those who don't."
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    "The PROBIT study has found no connection between breastfeeding and many of the benefits prominently attributed to it."
    The PROBIT study is extensively quoted in the book, being one of the best studies in the world of infant feeding.
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    "Many recent studies suggest that breastfeeding has no effect on many of the outcomes it has been associated with, like obesity and allergies, and that, even where it has an effect, as it does with infection, in a developed country with routine access to clean drinking water, that effect is not nearly as powerful as many of us have believed."
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    "Scientists have expressed concern that breastfeeding research is particularly vulnerable to publication bias."
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    "At least 26 infants will have to breastfeed exclusively for four or more months to prevent one infant from hospitalization."
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    "We shouldn't expect that you're going to be producing Mozarts or Einsteins just because you're breastfeeding."
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    "Breastfeeding is simply not the panacea new parents hope to find to protect their precious and vulnerable baby."
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    "It seems the only losers in this win-win scenario are mothers and babies."
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    "Over time, the main arguments in favor of breastfeeding have shifter from the delivery system (the mother) to the product (human milk)."
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    "The entire breast-pump industry depends on the premise that it's not how you feed your baby that matters but what you feed him or her."
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    "Together, pumps and the internet have revolutionized wet nursing."
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    "A commitment to breastfeeding is often paired with the demonization of formula."
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    "The human body often fails to work the way it's supposed to. A health care professional would never tell a diabetic woman that every pancreas can make insulin or insist to a devastated infertility patient that every woman can get pregnant. The fact is that lactation, like all physiological functions, sometimes fails."