Inspired by @annafiedler
  1. Because at 6 I read The Little Prince (alone) and I understood the ending exactly.
  2. Because my gran once commented on her fat rolls and when I asked if they were contagious, she said yes.
    And because I thought she was beautiful, rolls and all.
  3. Because I accidentally had my first orgasm when I was around 8 and although it was wonderful I also knew instinctively that I definitely shouldn't mention it to anyone.
  4. Because in Grade 3 I would rather talk to my teacher than my friends.
  5. Because my Grade 4 teacher said (verbatim), "You're no good at public speaking, stick to reading."
  6. And seven years later I won a national debate.
  7. Because I used to make up sad backstories for myself hoping to rationalise why I was sad all the time.
  8. Because my parents believed in family meetings when I was a difficult teenager.
  9. Because my parents believed in spanking.
  10. Because my Grade 8 English teacher taught me about the title Ms.
  11. Because my dad is legally blind.
  12. And was orphaned as a child.
  13. Because my mom is a social worker and I grew up terrified of being like her clients.
  14. Because until I was 14 I never even considered a STEM career.
  15. Because I wanted to train for long distances but the school coaches thought I showed no promise; and so reinforced the idea that only natural athletes could be active.
  16. Because when I was 17 I became convinced that I was having heart attacks and nobody considered that I was having panic attacks.
  17. Because I was humiliated by teachers for kissing my boyfriend at age 12.
  18. Because I went to an all-girls' high school and it was the best decision I ever made.
  19. Because my parents are intensely loyal to each other but they hurt each other so much.
  20. Because my brain is just a little fucked up.
  21. 🤗