1. The Wolf is coming to eat me (age 4)
    My fear was so great that I asked my dad to "tell me Little Red Riding Hood but WITHOUT the wolf."
  2. Arriving naked to school (high school)
  3. Looking at myself in the mirror and an invisible presence starts controlling my body (high school)
    These were definitely the scariest dreams I have ever had.
  4. I can fly (ongoing since I can remember)
    And it is every bit as wonderful as I ever imagined, but I have to hide it from everyone.
  5. My aunt is alive again (since 2007 - ongoing)
    In the dream everyone pretends nothing is strange, and it is wonderful having her back, but there is the constant fear that we will blink and she'll be gone. I keep wanting to ask her BUT WHERE WERE YOU ALL THIS TIME but I don't want to break the spell. (WHY SEPTEMBER 1ST IS A DARK DAY FOR MY FAMILY)
  6. I oversleep for an important race (since this year - ongoing)
    This has actually happened before. (I OVERSLEPT FOR MY RACE AND I AM SO EMBARRASSED)
  7. I arrive to a math exam and realised I haven't opened a book all year (since my first year of university - ongoing)
  8. SNAKES (ongoing)
    In all sort of variations but it's generally a matter of them being everywhere and I can't get away. (I'm very afraid.)
  9. All my teeth fall out.