Inspired by @macnchz. *any place selling food or drink really
  1. 1.
    Stack's Diner on Kloof Street, Cape Town
    New Year's breakfast. These cranberry flapjacks with white chocolate sauce were really nice.
  2. 2.
    The Punjab Wok in Century City, Cape Town
    Love this place because it has reasonable portions and has really authentic cuisine (mostly not the westernised version of Asian food). [image provided]
  3. 3.
    Crumbs and Cream, Sea Point, Cape Town
    (Not a new place for me) - ice cream cookie sandwiches. What's not to love? [image provided]
  4. 4.
    Origin Coffee Roasters, De Waterkant, Cape Town
    Really good coffee. I had a Vietnamese iced coffee which was just the way I remembered it. Their food is also quite good. [image provided]
  5. 5.
    Col' Cacchio
    Also not new to me but discovered we have a tiny branch near our apartment! It's a pizza chain and they serve my fav pizza. Thin crispy base; just delicious. [image provided]
  6. 6.
    Folk Coffee, Bree Street, Cape Town
    I visit this place almost every week before therapy ☕️ their drinks are good, and they serve good snacks too. I once had a delicious watermelon juice there. Also, they have lots of books for patrons to read.
  7. 7.
    The Creamery, Various locations in Cape Town
    Still my favourite ice cream place.
  8. 8.
    Mangwanani Spa, Stellenbosch
    Well it's a spa, but we also had dinner and dessert there and it was pretty good. (Massages were AMAZING.)
  9. 9.
    Four and Twenty Cafe, Wynberg, Cape Town
    One of my favourite finds of the year!!!! Really delicious food, especially breakfasts and baked goods, and we go there at least twice a month. They are also expensive though. And very busy, service is slow on weekends and there is usually a waiting list for tables. My regular is the sweet breakfast hotdog (pictured): croissant, banana, strawberry, macadamia, mascarpone, et al.
  10. 10.
    Rick's Cafe Americaine, Cape Town
    Modelled after the movie Casablanca; a very hip spot, moderately priced, really amazing Moroccan and Turkish cuisine ❤️
  11. 11.
    Steam Restaurant, Stellenbosch
    Steam Punk vibe with loads of free music shows. Their burgers are good; their drinks are okay.
  12. 12.
    Oranjezicht City Farm Market, Cape Town
    Technically multiple vendors at this awesome initiative. You can buy fresh produce, ice cream, and flowers. And then lots of food to eat right there. For example, my brother and his girlfriend liked the food from a Vietnamese stall.
  13. 13.
    Suki Thai, Stellenbosch
    Their all you can eat sushi special is very good value and the sushi tastes good! But as with most all-you-can-eat sushis, they use more rice than usual in an attempt to fill you up!
  14. 14.
    Hard Pressed Cafe, Bree Street, Cape Town
    I also frequent them before therapy, but less so as they close up at 5. They have good coffee and very good freshly squeezed juices. Just their iced coffee is vile. [image provided]
  15. 15.
    Root 44, Stellenbosch
    Kind of like Oranjezicht City Farm, but with a dual focus on crafts and foods. The food is a little less on the healthy side whereas OZCF has many healthy options. Nice for a breakfast but I do prefer OZCF. [image provided]
  16. 16.
    The Book Lounge, Cape Town
    A lovely independent bookshop that hosts lots of events. Their basement also has a little coffee shop with delicious hot drinks and brownies. I once spent an entire cold Saturday there with friends, having coffee among the books. [image provided]
  17. 17.
    Some Oaks Bistro, Rondebosch, Cape Town
    A family friendly pizzeria. Super chilled vibe and great pizza.
  18. 18.
    Baskin Robbins, Cape Town
    Underwhelming, to be honest. [image provided]
  19. 19.
    Byblos Trading Co., Cape Town
    Turkish coffee (super strong 😵) and amazing baklava. I'd go there again for the baklava. The coffee service is very cool but I can't drink it again. 🤣
  20. 20.
    The Velvet Cake Company, Cape Town
    Their cakes and cupcakes are diviiiiiiine. Not that expensive either.
  21. 21.
    Moyo, Blouberg Strand, Cape Town
    I've always had mixed feelings about Moyo (I've been to some of their other branches) as it's quite tourist-centric and overpriced. The one in Blouberg was nice though. The food was affordable and the ocean right next to it was lovely. My sister and I took our little brother out for dinner there and it didn't bankrupt us.
  22. 22.
    Clay Cafe, Hermanus
    It's telling that my occupational therapist sister picked this place! Basically you eat while painting some pottery, which is then glazed for you to take home a few weeks later. Their eggs Benedict is really good and very affordable, even with added salmon. (I didn't take pics of the food 😜)
  23. 23.
    Hudson's Burgers, Stellenbosch
    I think they're seriously overpriced. The food and milkshakes aren't bad, but not so special that I'd pay for it again. [image provided]
  24. 24.
    Postcard Cafe, Stark-Conde Wine Estate, Stellebosch
    Took my boyfriend here for our 7th anniversary. It's a gorgeous setting and their food is fantastic. And the desserts!!!! [image provided]
  25. 25.
    Sushi2Go, Cape Town
    A sushi-delivery service, much cheaper than Uber Eats, and really nice. The photo is horrid but the sushi was really good. Especially in my pyjamas!
  26. 26.
    Sunfish Sushi, Stellebosch
    They have a nice all-you-can-eat special but their sushi isn't really very well made, and I probably wouldn't go there again.
  27. 27.
    The Fat Cactus, Gardens, Cape Town
    Great Mexican food and good drinks too. A very vibey place; will go there again.
  28. 28.
    Jason Bakery, Bree Street, Cape Town
    This place makes the most amazing doughssants: only on a Saturday, and a different kind each week. Some Saturdays the queue goes around the block. Their breakfast is okay, not great, although I once had a croissant filled with bacon, peanut butter and maple syrup and it was surprisingly good. But I go there for the doughssants. [image provided]
  29. 29.
    Honest Chocolate, Cape Town
    They make really good chocolate everything; and also I love their shop - it's hidden in the middle of a big urban environment and when you step inside, it feels like a sanctuary. [image provided]
  30. 30.
    Vovo Telo, Central, Port Elizabeth
    Vovo Telo is a small chain of lovely bakery-type eateries. The one in PE is the original. I didn't put a pic of their food though because I love this one! 🤷🏼‍♀️ but they make really good breads baked on premises. And desserts! And breakfast!
  31. 31.
    Blue Waters Cafe, Port Elizabeth
    More a restaurant than a cafe honestly; right on the ocean practically, with delicious food and cocktails. Had a great evening here with my sister and her bridesmaids. [not my pic]
  32. 32.
    Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock, Cape Town
    Another weekend market type thing. Loads of things to eat from the usual to the niche. (Pic: some custard filled dessert that's apparently popular in China? I don't know but it was good.)
  33. 33.
    Woodstock Gin Company, Cape Town
    Near Old Biscuit Mill. Went gin tasting there at 10AM a few weeks ago 🙈 it was good but I could not stomach the stronger gins! 🤣 [image provided]
  34. 34.
    De Villiers Chocolate Cafe, Franschoek
    We went here today! De Villiers is one of the only companies making chocolate bean-to-bar on the African continent. They're UTZ certified and also just really good. They make a mean mocha and we had amazing chocolate fondue. And it's 6 hours later and I still can't think about eating 🙈
  35. 35.
    The Piano Bar, Cape Town
    A lovely jazzy place with good cocktails and great tapas. [image provided]
  36. 36.
    Giovanni Deliworld, Green Point, Cape Town
    Popular for its selection of humus, deli-meats, freshly baked bread, baklava, and other treats. They also stock a lot of imported goods, and you can order a bagel or croissant with ingredients of your choice selected from the deli. [image not mine]
  37. 37.
    The V&A Waterfront Food Market
    Street food served in a market-type setup, with more than 40 vendors. This past weekend I had gourmet samosas, single origin coffee, fresh fruit juice, and the most delicious slow-roasted lamb fold over.
  38. 38.
    Mondiall, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
    Had a girls' night here. Very fancy ambience but quite affordable food. And also delicious!
  39. 39.
    Ohana, Kalk Bay
    This is an incredibly comfy, rustic little place near the harbour. We sat outside with an ocean view. Their food was good and their chai amazing, served in little pottery bowls.
  40. 40.
    Syriana, Sea Point, Cape Town
    Syrian restaurant run by Syrians. Fantastic ambience, delicious food. Pictured is their "Syrian Crepes" - crepes with KitKat, Nutella and condensed milk.
  41. 41.
    Dunkin Donuts, Canal Walk, Cape Town
    Just another of the many American things to come our way. It was pretty good, but I prefer the donuts at my local grocer (which is also cheaper). 🙆🏼
  42. 42.
    The Secret Gin Bar, Cape Town
    Remember Honest Chocolate? Well, they hide a little gin bar in their courtyard and it's amazing. The vibe is chilled, the music is nice, the mixologists are amazing. Definitely going back.
  43. 43.
    Da Vinci's on Kloof, Cape Town
    Forgot to put this one in I see... took my little brother out here a while ago. The food was good but there was nothing about the place that would make me go back.
  44. 44.
    Aces 'n' Spades, Cape Town
    It's a bar. The bartenders are decent. The music is great. The bouncers are very good at keeping people safe. See: A DRUNK STORY
  45. 45.
    The Bootlegger Coffee Company, Woodstock, Cape Town
    Amazing coffee and food. Had a great hangover breakfast of buttermilk flapjacks there. Reasonably priced too. Also, they have a cool mobile app.
  46. 46.
    Pizza Hut, Sea Point, Cape Town
    I like my pizza thin based whereas this was thick and fluffy, but for fast food this was okayish. At least it's fresh and tasty.
  47. 47.
    Burger & Lobster, Bree Street, Cape Town
    Exactly what it says: they serve great burgers and amazing lobster. They have like three dishes on the menu: burger, lobster, and lobster brioche. Tonight we had their winter special: lobster miso soup, a slider burger, half-portion lobster brioche, and fries with black truffle and mozzarella. It was divine - my first time eating lobster. Not cheap though. Lovely ambience. Also really nice cocktails and dessert. Bad lighting for photos though 🤣
  48. 48.
    The Birdcage, Stellenbosch
    I took The Masters Student here for lunch. It's a lovely homely place that serves great healthy and great less-healthy foods. And they have a fantastic selection of fruit teas.
  49. 49.
    Twaalf, Stellenbosch
    The name means "twelve" in Afrikaans. I took my brother out to dinner here. We chose it because the weather was icy cold and they have a fireplace; and also because their food is very homely, almost traditional. Okay, my brother's choice of a burger is not a good example, but my bobotie spring rolls certainly were!
  50. 50.
    Kloof Street House (on Kloof Street, predictably)
    Went here on another date (which I haven't written about because reasons). I'll have to go back because my nerves may have prevented me from taking it all in. It's a gorgeous Victorian-style house. I had orange glazed duck confit and it was wonderful. There arancini is also great. Definitely a pricy restaurant though. We stayed til late.
  51. 51.
    Trenchtown, Observatory, Cape Town
    This is a grungy pub type thing, I guess. We went there for a vintage market. I'm no good with vintage markets and the grunge was real. Lots of alcohol, lots of junk food, lots of wood fire smoke. I wouldn't go back unless if it was a specific event. (They recently hosted a Harry Potter quiz night which I missed out on 😭) (that picture looks waaaay too nice and chilled.)
  52. 52.
    Obz Café, Observatory, Cape Town
    We went here for wine and dinner after the vintage market. It has a nice laid-back vibe. Comfortable. Had a fantastic nacho burger. My friends had pizza sliders and grilled calamari which they enjoyed. I'd go again, if I was in the area.
  53. 53.
    The Sneaky Sausage, Shortmarket Street, Cape Town
    This place is so ridiculously hidden and so ridiculously random! Such a fun vibe. They have hacky sack to play and they give you a picture to colour while you wait for your food (not for kids!). Their sausages are available in pork, beef, and veggie. The hotdogs were pretty damn good. The fries - polenta and truffled mushrooms - amazing! I'd go again, but for the fun experience. (The Couple brought me here on our third date. We laughed a lot.)
  54. 54.
    Outrage of Modesty, Shortmarket Street
    Also went here last night, after The Sneaky Sausage. Another hidden gem! Modelled around the photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, this place is everything but modest! They serve Japanese whisky and have some of the city's best mixologists. They are also expensive. But it was amazing.
  55. 55.
    Nomad Bistro and Bar, CBD, Cape Town
    Went here for Story Party, which was SO MUCH FUN! Their drinks are good and their nibbles are okay too, but their service wasn't great. Granted, I don't think they're used to such big events.
  56. 56.
    Salushi Sushi, Claremont
    Incredible sushi. I especially liked their "Prince's Kiss", which has strawberry, salmon, and avo. Yum! Their desserts are also fantastic.
  57. 57.
    Moro Gelato, Long Street, Cape Town
    This place gives The Creamery some stiff competition!! I actually can't say which is better 😳 it's sooooo good though! 🍦 🍨
  58. 58.
    The Shortmarket Club, Shortmarket Street, Cape Town
    This is gourmet eating! Their food is exquisite - and a little bit overwhelming. And also, expensive. But so worth it.