Stuff I want to buy but don't necessarily have to buy.
  1. A leash for Fawkes.
    A la @shadowman - I also think my kitty will be happy to explore the outside world! EDIT: got the harness! It's taking time but I think he likes it.
  2. A laptop
    Still haven't replaced the stolen one 😒
  3. Sound
    A speaker of some sort so I can have better sound to belt out to when I'm getting ready for work. iPhones sound isn't thaaaat great. EDIT: got a Samsung Soundbar and subwoofer on promotion. The sound is great! It totally freaks Fawkes out.
  4. Dry buddy
    Winter in Cape Town is wet and now none of my clothes or towels will dry! I could probably convince myself that this is a need rather than a want.
  5. Nespresso 😍
    I reeeeally want one of these and they're on promotion at the moment. The only thing that stops me is I've heard the capsules are causing a major pollution problem 😕 🌏