Inspired by @ListPrompts. I'd pay them well! TLDR; I hate administrative stuff.
  1. Sorting out my new ADSL. My current internet line speed is tooooo slow.
  2. Mailing all the Secret Santa parcels I've got.
    Seriously, I've bought them all but getting to the post office during office hours is impossible!
  3. Scribing my medical notes
    I'm super jealous of overseas docs who have scribes
  4. Ordering my new phone
    Admin is not my strong suit
  5. Making my annual dentist appointments
  6. Convincing my little brother to wash my car
    I pay him good money! But getting him to DO IT is like getting water from a rock.
  7. Making me go to bed earlier
  8. Clothing shopping with me.
    My sense of style needs help
  9. Organising my email
  10. Saving and organising all my bank statements and administrative things that I suck at.
  11. That's it.
  12. Maybe.