Inspired by @marceline et al
  1. My name is not Megz, Megan, or any of its variations.
  2. My name is the German diminutive of Mary.
    And I am very careful about it on the internet because as far as I know I'm the only doctor with this name. My surname is also pretty distinctive.
  3. The diminutive suffix that forms part of my name is -chen. It is not pronounced CHEN! It's a German sound. And also kind of a Hebrew sound?
    I don't speak either of these. But my native language borrows a lot from other languages, German included.
  4. My dad chose my name. We are of German ancestry and he's very into genealogy. I kind of like it too. We have a cool family history.
    My dad was an orphan so I think that genealogy has given him a sense of belonging.
  5. Our female ancestor who arrived from Germany in Cape Town (1861) was named Maria Wilhelmina.
    My dad wisely guessed that I'd hate him for naming me this. Hence the diminutive.
  6. I'm tiny so it's worked out well.
  7. I had a German boyfriend once and when his mom heard my name she said "Awwwww!" And squeezed my cheeks.
  8. It's one of those names though... never on any souvenirs.
  9. Nobody who hears it can spell it, and nobody who can spell it knows how to pronounce it.
  10. I used to write it on my hand so I could remember how to spell it. My own name! I eventually memorised it when I was six.
  11. Once at a school prize giving I corrected the headmaster on stage, in front of about 400 people.
    They laughed. I was ten.
  12. I've had too many nicknames to count. And loads of accidental variations of my name. And people who tried to convince me that I'm saying my own name incorrectly.
  13. I chose Megz as my moniker when I started high school. It was an English school and I just knew nobody would be able to say my name.
    I also desperately wanted to recreate myself and the name definitely helped.
  14. Anyway, I love my name. And I love that people who care try their damndest to say it correctly, and they won't joke or be ridiculous about it.
  15. I don't have a middle name. My first name is a mouthful as it is.
  16. 😎