1. I've been drunk only once.
    Tipsy a few times, maybe.
  2. I was newly elected on student government and we were going away for a weekend team-building thing.
    My friends got wind that I had never been drunk. And the rest, as they say, is history. I was 20.
  3. I brought a six pack of ciders with the intention of sharing. Somehow I ended up drinking it myself.
  4. Then I felt sick and chundered.
  5. Then I felt better.
  6. Some people went to bed, and some of us stayed up having deep midnight conversations.
  7. Surreptitiously, they fed me capfuls of brandy throughout the conversation.
  8. Brandy is disgusting btw. If you haven't had it - don't.
  9. Shots pile up.
  10. And eventually I was hammered.
  11. I decided I really wanted to skinny dip. Luckily my more sober friends stopped me. Drunk people and swimming don't mix.
  12. What I remember most clearly was needing to pee and one friend helping me to the loo because I couldn't walk straight. I also remember falling down on the way and laughing helplessly while lying in a flower bed.
  13. We went to bed at 4 and had to wake up at 6 to go white water rafting.
  14. I wasn't hungover because I think I was still drunk.
  15. All I know is I couldn't stomach most foods for that day.
  16. Because I have awesome friends, it was a safe and fun experience for me.
  17. Not something I've been burning to repeat, but fun. 😁