I haven't been able to read just one book at a time since maybe forever.
  1. An audiobook
    Listen to it on my daily commute. My dad and I choose a book together every month for this purpose.
  2. A hardcopy
    Because pages and smells and ink are my first love, and I have loads of books that need reading, and also sometimes I get tired of a backlight.
  3. An ebook
    Usually an eARC which I am reviewing. Occasionally a bought book from iTunes or Kindle, but only if it's a shot in the dark or I can't find a physical copy. I generally prefer owning hardcopies (but soft covers 😜).
  4. Something that can be read in short snippets, like just before bed.
    Examples: poetry, short stories, photo books, handmade gift books. (I gave my grandma a book which prompts her about her whole life. She completed it by hand and the gifted it to me over Christmas. It's awesome.)
  5. Something that I just can't finish.
    I keep trying for up to a year until I ultimately declare it a DNF.