Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. I was eleven
  2. Does that even count?!
  3. It was my first date ever
  4. I thought I was all grown up. Super proud of myself, and all that.
  5. We double-dated. My best friend and I, and two cute guys our age.
  6. We watched Shrek at the movies.
  7. That was the good part. Still love that movie.
  8. Afterwards we went to get milkshakes.
  9. We had just sat down.
  10. He took my hand.
  11. His mom strolled along and said they were going home.
  12. She hadn't dropped him off - she had waited around!
  13. Hah.
  14. I was so humiliated.
  15. And then there were three.
  16. Now that I'm older I can only giggle at myself. At all of us.
  17. Yeah, my worst date was pretty chilled.
  18. I'm lucky in that sense, I guess. 😜