Inspired by @nantea, even though I turned 27 back in January.
  1. That I'd be alive.
    I was so anxious, and convinced I had a deadly condition every other week. WebMD's favourite kind of person. I really believed I wouldn't make it out of high school.
  2. That I'd be a doctor.
    🤷🏼‍♀️I'm still surprised. At 17 I was convinced I would become a lawyer! Going to med school was very much unplanned.
  3. That I'd be attracted to women and men, but somehow not yet completely settled in my sexuality.
    She probably wouldn't be surprised that my family was not in the loop. 🙄
  4. That I'd be unmarried, and that I would be quite happy about it.
    And that my little sister, younger by 5 years, would be getting married before me.
  5. And that I wouldn't be bitter or jealous of her!
  6. That I wouldn't be able to imagine spending my life with one man.
    17 year-old me believed in "the one". And while I know it's a truth for many, it just isn't for me.
  7. That I'd choose to COME BACK to my hometown after successfully escaping it.
  8. That I didn't get married to the first guy I had sex with.
  9. That I'd be getting over my guilt associated with sex.
  10. That I'd be depressed, and on treatment for it.
    17 year old me was depressed, but was undiagnosed; and would have refused treatment anyway.
  11. That I'd be pro-choice in word and deed.
  12. That I'd be a runner, and that I'd have run marathons and ultras.
  13. That I would be comfortable with waxing...
  14. Just as easily as I'd be comfortable going months without waxing or shaving.
  15. That I'd like sushi.
  16. That I'd be comfortable in my own body.
  17. This was me then.
  18. This is me now.