Student budget + a dislike of cooking = lots of questionable "meals". D5 NaLiWriMo.
  1. Dry noodles
    We call them two-minute noodles but they're like ramen. I just decided they tasted better uncooked.
  2. Tuna and mayo sandwiches
    (Can we not test my mercury levels, please)
  3. Banana and peanut butter
    Healthy-ish and filling and high-energy snack. Variation: apple and peanut butter. But it takes so long to chew.
  4. Just peanut butter
    Out of the jar. Delicious. Disappears at alarming speeds while studying.
  5. Milo
    A chocolate malt drink with supposed high levels of vitamin B. Also YUM CHOCOLATE.
  6. Cheerios
    Cheerios came to SA around my 2nd year and they were the best cereal after FrootLoops (which are no longer made here). Everyone knows cereal is an acceptable food group at any time of the day or night.