Now that I'm out of the woods I can harp on about the silly things. It's been 9 weeks.
  1. All my underwear is ruined.
    I hadn't used sanitary pads since primary school. I forgot there was an art to sleeping with them and not waking up to a crime scene.
  2. My boobs are bigger.
    Not by much but I thought they'd go back to normal. Apparently not. I guess I just need a whole new lingerie wardrobe, then.
  3. My cycle has carried on as if nothing ever happened.
    Perfect, 28-day cycle. I expected all the hormones to send it out of whack but apparently the uterus is just too happy about being empty.
  4. I'm still broody AF.
    Like I can't/won't have kids right now but heck I do want them. Anybody need a babysitter?
  5. I suspect my brain may have been rewired irreversibly.
    I feel different. But I think I'm going to be okay.