There was this post (I'M PRESENTING ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA AND MEDICINE AND I NEED HELP) and @jessicaz was an absolute star in helping me with ideas and research! And then I presented today and it was fun, and sparked lots of discussion. Yay!
  1. South Africans mirror the global trends in that Facebook is the most popular, and Instagram the fastest growing. isn't even on there, but frankly I prefer it that way. ❤
  2. 8 in 10 internet users search online for health information.
    It's the 3rd most popular online activity.
  3. Adults between the ages of 18-49 are most likely to search for health info online.
  4. 87% of doctors are already on Social Media for personal use. 67% use it for personal and professional use.
  5. SM has recently been used to recruit participants for randomised control trials...
  6. And for tracking disease activity...
    Twitter was used to track the H1N1 pandemic
  7. And is gaining popularity at medical conferences.
  8. Online Patient Communities are hugely beneficial, but only 11%(!!) of doctors know about them.
  9. They elevate patients' levels of perceived empathy...
  10. And make them feel more empowered...
  11. And have been shown to improved self-management of epilepsy in veterans in the USA.
  12. The idea of "dual citizenship" online (different accounts for personal and professional use) is largely pointless because you cam he held professionally liable for things said/done in personal context.
  13. Mayo Clinic has a residency in Social Media!
    Frankly I'm not a fan of that. I think it will be part of all disciplines. I can understand professionals who focus on SM, but I don't think we need doctors to SPECIALISE in SM.
  14. Social Media will soon be considered a professional competency, just like email and computer skills now.
  15. To quote Jess: "Social Media is not our present - it is our future."