1. I got a job in Cape Town for my community service (PG3) year!
  2. I'm going to work at a children's hospital! Yay!
  3. I need to...
  4. Find a place to stay
  5. Figure out if I want to stay alone or with my boyfriend.
  6. If alone, find a way of telling him that without him thinking it's because I don't love him.
  7. Find a place to stay.
    Putting this twice because I'm so picky but also I have a budget to keep to.
  8. Figure out: do I want to stay closer to work which is more expensive and I can walk/cycle to work; or liver cheaper further away but have to deal with crazy traffic every day.
    I think the former is going to win.
  9. Assuming the former wins... Buy a bicycle? 🤔
  10. Rapidly increase my repertoire of meals I can cook for myself.
  11. Find a running club to join there.
  12. Move my stuff up 1000km. Which hopefully the hospital will pay for but that requires submitting 3 separate quotes etc etc.
  13. Make time for a visit to Cape Town so I can see a place before I sign for it.
  14. Update my backlogged logbook and get it signed off so I can actually move on.
  15. *whispers* find a place to stay...