I learned in high school that stepping beyond my comfort zone was not only thrilling (and terrifying) but also induces massive growth. (Metaphorically. I'm 5'1.) Share what you've done - or plan to do!
  1. Joined a running club.
    I'm so introverted and running with people was such a scary thing. But it was necessary because my weekly long-runs were just not safe to do alone anymore. Ultimately it was such a good step in improving my running!
  2. Started swimming.
    I needed some low-impact exercise to balance the high impact of running. I've never been a good swimmer and I was painfully self-conscious about it. But not only did swimming become a good addition to my workouts, it also gave me the joy of slowly becoming better at something, and not giving a damn what the pros thought.
  3. Joined a bookclub.
    This shouldn't be difficult for a bookworm like me, right?! But sometimes I border on asocial and it's so much more comfortable reading on my own, or discussing it with the anonymous cyberspace. And partially I think I'm a bit snobbish about my reading. So bookclub is helping me be more sociable and more reachable in terms of reading. And in terms of female friendships, which I don't have many of for no real reason.
    This past weekend. I still can't believe it.