Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. Cooking
    I don't like it therefore I suck at it. Or is it the other way around? (I do like baking though.)
  2. Snakes
    Boyfriend is a former snake-owner. So glad I met him after he gave up that hobby. Once we had a snake handler come to an academic meeting to give us hands-on experience and I got on the table.
  3. Talking about politics at work
    But if someone's being a bigoted asshole I'll call them out.
  4. Group classes at the gym
    Just let me run. Or swim. Pilates is an exception, I think.
  5. Small talk while running
    Most people who want to talk to me while we run annoy me. Partially because I need to focus on STAYING ALIVE. There are a few exceptions. Some people talk so well that I forget to get bored. Especially when they're talking to each other and let me eavesdrop.
  6. Surgery
    Whether it's cutting or assisting. It's just not my favourite part of medicine. I do my fair share, but there is almost always someone who rather wants to scrub in and I am more than happy to do their clinic duty instead. (Proof I don't slack: SURGERIES I HAVE DONE)
  7. Talking on the phone
    Just txt me okay?! Or email even.
  8. Administrative tasks
  9. Staying up late or getting up early
    Crying laughing dying because *side-eyes job*
  10. Talking about finance or the economy. Especially about my personal finances. I haven't actually perused my account statements in months. I know this is bad.
    Especially a faux pas because my boyfriend (of SIX YEARS) works with the stock markets. And finance. And stuff. I'M STILL TRYING TO REMEMBER WHICH ONE'S A BUY AND WHICH A SELL OKAY?!
  11. Sharing my chocolate.
  12. Getting out of my blankie.
    I swear if work wasn't full of germs I would bring it with me.
  13. Putting down a book I'm reading
    Just... One... More... Page...