Inspired by @lexie_elyse, who listed something for every day of August. I'm not even going to try that because August was a horrid month (see other lists) and I was not mindful of happiness at all. But I'm going to try to remember something for every day of September though. Kind of like that "100 days of happy" a few years ago?
  1. 1st: Downloading Prisma
    Seriously. Fav photo app ever. I think I converted 100 photos that day.
  2. 3rd: Voting in the South African local elections.
    It was a landmark! The results were more interesting than anyone predicted.
  3. 5th: Went book shopping while on holiday (my current city's bookshops suck) and bought Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.
  4. 6th: Went shopping with my younger sister. Got her a dress as a special treat.
  5. 7th: house-sat for my boyfriend's sister. Played with their cute animals.
    Photo of my sister because I didn't take selfies. 🤗
  6. 8th: hiked Lion's Head in Cape Town. Got some endorphins.
  7. 9th: day trip with my sister to Kalk Bay (outside Cape Town). It was so uplifting.
    Sisterly love ❤️
  8. 11th: pizza at Col Cacchios, my favourite pizza place. Laughed spontaneously and awkwardly for what felt like the first time in days.
  9. 12th: Body Worlds exhibition. I saw it in NYC last year but there were some different displays this time and my anatomy-nerd self (and equally nerdy sister) could not resist.
  10. Also 12th: attended a formal dinner at a vineyard where my sister received an academic honours award. She is graduating Cum Laude. 🤓😎
    (Like I said... Prisma.)
  11. 22nd: received bookmail via Ninja Bookswap! "One" by Sarah Crossan. Devoured it in a single sitting.
  12. 26th: road trip with my aunt to visit my gran.
  13. 27th: took my gran for breakfast, then ice cream at the beach, and had a great day.
  14. Also 27th: this gorgeous protea on our breakfast table. The protea is our national flower.
    No filter 😎
  15. 29th: ordered Cards Against Humanity
    Always have to wait for people who import to have sales because they don't ship to South Africa!
  16. 31st: Taco Night with my aunt, brother, and my boyfriend. Much fun and messiness.
  17. Post-script: I'm glad I did this. It was a better month than I remembered.