1. 1st: did a sunrise hike to welcome in the New Year.
  2. 2nd: learned how to make traditional style Masala Chai and it was delicious.
  3. 3rd: baked sweet potato muffins
  4. 8th: had an ice cream sandwich
  5. 10th: had my first therapy session
  6. 13th: had pizza with a good friend from school
  7. 14th: tried a new coffee shop with my boyfriend. We had Vietnamese iced coffee. It was exactly as I remembered. ❤ 🇻🇳
  8. 14th: watched Me Before You at home and bawled my eyes out.
  9. 15th: went to an initiative called Open Streets Cape Town. It was incredible.
  10. 18th: boyfriend surprised me with a spa evening
  11. 19th: my birthday. We had ice cream for dinner!
  12. 20th: had a pizza evening with my family.
  13. 21st: watched Allied with close friends.
  14. 22nd: went to a free concert in a lovely park.
  15. 23rd: realised my new work has vein finders and I used it for the first time. It made putting IVs on pudgy little babies soooo much easier.
  16. 25th: Made pasta with baby marrow and feta and it was quite delicious.
  17. 28th: had breakfast at this amazing local patisserie and it was the most amazing place ever.
  18. 31st: had dinner at a Moroccan restaurant.
  19. 31st: met a doctor who works with me in person for the first time - we've been twitter-friends for YEARS.