Haven't done this in a few months (January, to be exact). Giving it a try again.
  1. 2nd: light reading and hot chocolate at one if my favourite coffee shops before therapy.
  2. 3rd: received my April Book Case subscription box, featuring Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor and a Harry Potter-themed book pouch.
  3. 5th: rain in Cape Town.
    We're having a drought and have been declared a disaster-zone, so it was pretty important.
  4. 6th: spent the cold and rainy day with two friends at a bookshop and then later eating Mexican cuisine. It was amazing. We talked a LOT.
  5. 9th: a colleague described a traumatised gallbladder as looking like a hibiscus and it I laughed till I nearly peed myself.
  6. 10th: wrote a blog post for the first time in a very long time.
    It was about how therapy was the best gift I ever gave myself.
  7. 11th: had dinner with a bunch of 2nd year medical students. They were all so sweet and it was really nice being able to offer them just a little bit of hope/help/insight.
    Also, the food was good.
  8. Also 11th: spent the workday with a tiny baby in my arms because he cried every time we put him in his crib.
    It took me a little longer to complete my paperwork but it was worth it.
  9. 13th: my boyfriend sent me sushi while I was on call.
    🍣 it was crispy and trout and very delicious. Sorry the picture isn't pretty but it tasted pretty.
  10. 14th: Mother's Day
    Didn't get to see my own mom but got to see lots of mommies at work smiling at their babies. And called my mom and told her I love her.
  11. 15th: one of my mentors became a qualified paediatric surgeon.
    🤓 inspiring
  12. 17th: cuddles with kitten
  13. 18th: sushi delivered for dinner. Was nice.
  14. 22nd: watched a kidney transplant and OMG IT WAS THE BEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN.
  15. 23rd: presented to loads of people about Medicine and Social Media and it went well!!
  16. Also 23rd: took my kid brother out for dinner after his exam.
    What's the use of earning a salary if you don't treat your family?
  17. 24th: my dad was in the newspaper as a "local hero".
    So proud ❤
  18. 26th: the start of my leave. Hopped on a plane. Then took an uber for the first time. Saw my gran for the first time this year.
  19. 27th: Went wedding shopping with my sister, mom, and one other bridesmaid.
    My sister found her dream dress! She's so gorgeous ❤❤❤
  20. 28th: Roadtrip to my hometown with my sister. We had good chats and listened to good music.
  21. 29th: saw my best friend for the first time this year. We watched guardians of the galaxy. It was a little lame but also funny.
  22. 30th: got my hair did 💇🏼
  23. Also 30th: had a delicious pizza lunch with my sister and dad.
  24. Also 30th: my aunt came over for dinner.
  25. 31st: met up with my old debate-coach and had several lovely hours of talking.
    She is 76 and one of my favourite people.