1. 1st September: Kept all my patients alive during my first shift on a new service.
  2. 2nd: Saw this makeshift doorknob while at work, and giggled excessively. It was 2AM.
  3. 3rd: Baked delicious sweet potato muffins.
  4. 4th: Parents came home from a holiday. Phew, I managed not to burn the kitchen down while they were away! And nobody went to bed hungry either.
  5. 9th: Gave a talk about haemoptysis at our academic meeting. Didn't get mauled by the consultants (attendings).
  6. 10th: Champagne breakfast with my family, in honour of my little sister's achievements at university. ❤️🤓
  7. 12th: Ntando Mahlangu of Team RSA wins silver at the Paralympics. He's 14 years old, and started walking with prostheses only four years ago.
  8. 15th: Boyfriend dragged me out to go for a run (first time in a few months). I didn't die.
  9. 17th: Ran again. Kind of enjoyed it.
  10. 18th: Two patients argued over whose doctor I was.
  11. 19th: Ate a new flavour Magnum ice cream - Creme Brûlée Kiss. So so so delicious. My new favourite.
  12. 23rd: Participated in a pub quiz night for charity. My team won in the food category.
    (In case you didn't know, the main ingredient in the delicacy "milt" is the seminal fluid of fish.)
  13. 24th: Did my first parkrun in a long time, and my boyfriend ran with me. Running endorphins are lovely.
  14. 25th: Did lots of little tasks and felt accomplished. Also went to a body conditioning class and got some more endorphins from that.
  15. 26th: Gran's birthday and I sent her some flowers, and she was delighted.
  16. Also 26th: My high school teachers sent me a video of some Grade 10s performing a poem I wrote 11 years ago. How sweet!
  17. 29th: Cooked dinner for my family. Chicken and mushroom penne with a creamy mustard sauce. It came out pretty good.
  18. 30th: Had a consult with a psychiatrist. She was nice and I think it's a step in the right direction.