Setting: small tertiary hospital in a semi-urban area, South Africa.
  1. Sundays are always busy because everyone loves partying it up on a Saturday, and also we receive the weekend's flotsam and jetsam from the periphery.
  2. We had nine assault cases that warranted urgent CT-brains.
  3. They all needed admission
  4. One was taken in for urgent burr-holes to drain a large subdural hæmatoma
  5. One had a massive pneumocranium, fractured frontal and ethmoid sinuses, and CSF rhinorrhœa.
  6. One had TWO depressed compound skull fractures. Frontal and left parietal.
  7. One was stabbed in the head several times and had several fractures as a result.
  8. We saw two patients stabbed in the antecubital fossa, query brachial artery injury.
    We reckon neither of them actually have arterial injuries but kept them for observation.
  9. Two PVAs, of which one was a child (and surprisingly well) while the other had bilateral compound tib-fibs, bilateral femur fractures and an open book pelvic fracture. And a head injury.
  10. Three patients were beaten into crush syndrome.
    Two were women beaten by abusive boyfriends.
  11. Four patients were stabbed in the chest requiring chest drains.
  12. Two young men presented with septic circumcisions and both had septic arthritis of a knee joint as well.
    It's circumcision season for some South African cultural groups. These young men were both circumcised at the same circumcision school on the same day. One may have tetanus, too.
  13. One acute alcohol-induced pancreatitis.
  14. Additionally we had so many ward patients deteriorate and requiring intervention.
  15. It was a ROUGH 26 hours.
  16. And given that it's festive season, it's only going to get busier until the end of the year.
  17. It's 11:30 AM here now.
  18. Good night, world.
  19. 😴😴😴