Disclaimer: not all lines are bad lines. I never get list requests so THANK YOU @marymurphy!
  1. Age 7: the first time I secretly stayed up past bedtime to finish a book.
  2. Age 8: when I was given an hour to clean my pigsty of a room, and I just shoved everything under my 4 year old sister's bed.
  3. Age 11: parents told me I wasn't allowed to recycle the water from my hot water bottle for their tea. I did it anyway.
  4. Age 12: switched my phone off while I knew my parents were waiting for me in the mall's parking lot - so I could have my first kiss uninterrupted.
  5. Age 17: hacked into my then-boyfriend's Facebook account because I was suspicious.
  6. When I first ate a jar of Nutella all by myself. I don't even remember when this was, I've done it so often since.
  7. Age 23: in the heat of an argument told my sister she is needy and weak. It was meant to wound and it did. I still shudder when I remember her face.
  8. First political dinner time argument where I was the only one with a certain opinion, and stuck to it.