In order to be good to myself, I've decided that my Advent calendar this year will consist of me treating myself every day. In whatever way I see fit. I'll update this daily (or more likely, semi-regularly, when I remember.)
  1. Cooked dinner with my best friend. Ate ice cream straight from the container. No guilt allowed.
  2. This arrived in the mail! Thanks, past-Me.
    I totally wasn't going to buy this after Cursed Child but then... the movie... and the beauty... I'm just a huge Potterhead I guess.
  3. Ordered some polaroid prints with a photo line.
    I'll only collect them later this week but it's still a treat.
  4. Washi tape!
    May not seem a big deal but washi tape is kinda scarce in SA. Especially at a reasonable price. I'm a little skeptical because these are fabric, but I'm going to use them for my Bullet Journal.
  5. Got a pedicure
  6. Got my sister these roses to celebrate her graduation (Cum Laude)!
    We're holidaying in the same apartment so it's kind of a treat to myself too.
  7. Had ice cream from my favourite ice cream place in Cape Town for dinner. This is a peanut butter cookie, fresh from the oven, with Reese's flavour ice cream (my boyfriend's). I had rooibos-chai and 65% chocolate half-scoops.
  8. Had my eyebrows threaded and gave the beauty therapist free reign. Usually I tell her "just tidy up."
    I've never looked this groomed. 💅🏼
  9. Moleskine dotted journal.
    Bullet Journal 2017!
  10. Allowed myself three hours of uninterrupted browsing in a bookshop. ❤️🤓
  11. On this day I was sick and had to drive 1000km home. The best treat I could come up with was going to bed at 20h00.
  12. Still sick. Book, bed, and Nutella all day.
  13. Journalled "Things I Like About Myself"
    I'm on a 30-hour shift. It's the best I could come up with.
  14. Didn't treat myself exactly but I online-shopped for Christmas gifts which I consider a supremely fun activity, so I'm making that count.
  15. Yeah... I didn't really do anything with this day except work super hard in clinic. I did spend a few hours socialising with my family instead of holing up in my room that evening so... yay for getting out of the comfort zone?
  16. Took a lovely walk at the beach with my boyfriend. The perks of a summer Christmas!
  17. Worked on my new bullet journal 🤓
  18. Simply had a lovely breakfast with my boyfriend. Eggs Hollandaise - always a winner.
  19. Watched Moana. Best. Movie. Evahr.
  20. Got home to find TWO parcels of books that I ordered eons ago. A subscription box and an entire YA series. Thanks, past me!
  21. Scoffed some nougat chocolate eggs all by myself. It was lovely. 🤤
  22. The planned treat was dinner with my best friend and my boyfriend. Then the best friend paid for our dinner so it ended up being his treat. Oops. But I did have an amazing Nutella Amarula milkshake so that was a treat even if I didn't pay for it myself. 🤤
  23. Lazed in the sun with my family and tried to put my anxieties about moving aside, just a bit.
  24. Working on something new for my 2017 bullet journal, during a small respite while being on call. (Inspo from pinterest, obviously)
    Don't judge my doctor's handwriting and my lack of a ruler. I can't remember to pack EVERYTHING for 24+ hours at work 😂