1. My big goal for this week was simply to SETTLE IN!
  2. It's been an exhausting week.
  3. My days start at 7 instead of 8 like at my internship hospital.
    We still work to 5PM and sometimes longer.
  4. I also have to pack my own lunch for the first time, and maintain a flat on my own for the first time 🙈 which means I have to wake up earlier.
    Staying with my folks for my first two years of work did kind of spoil me.
  5. I'm working in paediatric surgery. While I love paediatrics, surgery is not my strong point.
    In addition; our paediatric surgery exposure during university and even internship was minimal.
  6. Being at a new hospital also means getting used to new protocols.
  7. The criteria for admission are different, as are those for discharge.
  8. So it does make settling in more of a mental challenge.
  9. This hospital is so well-resourced, which means we can admit less-sick children. Which is awesome. But more work.
  10. The other doctors are quite nice so far. Much nicer than the senior doctors I worked with at university. Not quite as nice as the doctors I worked with during internship, but it's okay.
  11. My fellow Medical Officers are also nice. We're all short and majority female! Once a day we go for a coffee run across the road.
    I'd like to get to know them but it seems they all have their own social circles and like they're not so keen on socialising with colleagues outside of work.
  12. I'm getting worried about being lonely. Worried I won't find a "tribe".
    At the moment I'm too busy settling in but I'm going to start feeling it soon.
  13. I've been on call twice this week and it was rough. I've had rougher calls, but I felt more tired with these. Probably the whole thing of the new environment.
  14. I actually really love working here.
  15. I'm just exhausted 😴