1. There was a big-ish book fair in Cape Town this weekend. Not the type with authors and events, just the type where lots of vendors sell books for cheap.
  2. I refuse to feel guilty about the amount I spent on books. Because I got them for dirt cheap. It was AMAZING.
  3. Trade paperbacks
    Most of these I had never heard of 🤷🏼‍♀️
  4. South African authored books
    What can I say? I believe in supporting local authors and also they are often GOOD.
  5. Young adult and some middle-grade
    I anticipate that most of these will be really cool. If any aren't I'll just donate them somewhere.
  6. Non-fiction
    Some heavy stuff there.
  7. Spanish bestseller I think, now translated.
    Single photo because I couldn't tell where it fit.
  8. Not sure what this is. An adult version of Wreck This Journal?
  10. Local South African comic